Feeling Free and Frustrated

On March 17, Mars reaches a declination that is beyond the limit set by the Sun. We call that “out of bounds”. On the positive side, this can be a highly expressive time, where we might feel a little more freedom to go after what we want, take action with less of a sense of limitation, and do work that stretches our limits. On the negative side, we go rogue, awol, or do things we later regret.

Blanket statements like this can’t apply with the strength or clear channel for all of us, because planetary energies happening today are always going to refer back to our own natal charts. But we’ll be able to sense this unrestrained energy in the collective, and some of us will express it in direct ways.

For technical astro nerds, it’s important to note that when a planet is out of bounds, it’s actually further away from making close aspects with other planets if you take into account declination in addition to the “regular” longitudinal measurement of aspects. This could be the reason the out of bounds energy often has the feeling of a “wild card.” Any aspects it does make are a bit weaker than usual. So the out of bounds planet literally has less restraint and more freedom to express in uninhibited ways.

This particular Mars out of bounds cycle starts off with Mars at zero degrees Capricorn, already a charged cardinal point signifying new beginnings. In this case, maybe the start of creating/building something solid or tangible, or something with a long-term end game.

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woman excited

The Magic of the Venus-Jupiter Super Conjunction

You may have heard that Jupiter recently changed signs from Libra to Scorpio. But did you know that we have a “super conjunction” of Venus and Jupiter this weekend? Yep! And what is that?

A super conjunction is the rare condition when two planets are simultaneously conjunct and parallel. This basically means that their latitude and longitude positions are the same, or very close. So that if you look at them in the night sky, you’ll see them right next to each other.

When astrologers say that two planets are conjunct, they’re using a measurement of longitude. “Parallel” is a measurement of declination, or latitude – the distance a planet is north or south of the equator. When two planets come together using both measurements, we get a super conjunction.

If you have good night sky visibility this weekend, it will be worth a trip outside to see Venus and Jupiter converge.

So what does this mean for the little people on Earth? Well, it could sound like a time for celebration, given that these are the two so-called “benefic” planets. We astrologers often look to these planets to see where the “good news” is in terms of astrological timing and birth chart potentials. But we need to remember that they are both more than that, they both have shadow expressions, and they are in the sign of Scorpio, which further colors our interpretation.

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Brene Brown Braving the Wilderness

When Perfect is the Enemy of Good Enough

Our charts don’t define us. They are energetic fields of possibility in which we interact. They may corral us into a certain arena of life in which to engage, or point to specific dynamics that hold the keys to our healing and growth. But it’s always up to us to make choices. Comic books teach us this at a very basic level: we always have the choice to use our special powers for good or bad.

For some of us, the choice is an easy one in either direction. But most of us hang out in the grey area, making some decisions we later regret, and making other better choices based on learning from those same regrets.

Sometimes we’ll see a standout citizen who embodies some of the highest potentials in their chart in a way that impacts the collective. They inspire us, shine a light for humanity to follow, or give us hope, spreading love, instigating healing or sharing insight. We can’t see this kind of collective reach or predict its occurrence with the chart alone. Something inside the person - call it soul if you like - shines out in a particularly luminous way. Two people born at that same moment still have the same choice to make - use my chart for good, or wallow in negativity and poor choices with those very same energies.

In this context, I’d call Brene Brown a warrior of light. Her work as a researcher around complex topics like shame, vulnerability, courage and empathy has helped countless numbers of folks make positive change in their lives. Brown is a 12th house Scorpio, with her Sun conjunct Neptune. Combined with Pluto-Uranus conjunct in Virgo on the MC, she’s one of the most important voices of her generation - with a message of healing tailored specifically to all of us.

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Mercury in Barcelona

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2017: Messages From Beyond

Mercury retrograde August 12 through September 5

Mercury retrograde in the sign of Virgo is especially important for me personally, as I have Gemini rising, a Virgo stellium, and a Mercury that Rob Hand jokingly told me scores a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10. As Mercury stationed retrograde at 11° Virgo this month, I found myself sitting at a public show with psychic medium Cindy Kaza. (By the way, stationing retrograde means that the planet, from our perspective, is standing still, emphasizing both its lack of speed and its degree position.) Her skills proved to be formidable, and many folks in the audience were overcome with emotion at the accuracy of detail she provided as she communicated with the “other side” to bring messages from departed loved ones.

Before the event started, I had a feeling I’d get called, and I also had an idea who might show up. My intuition was right on both counts. As I reflected on the messages passed on after the event and the timing of Mercury’s station, I was reminded of the psychopomp dynamic of Mercury. In mythology, Mercury is the one god with the ability to travel back and forth to the underworld, relaying messages between the worlds. We sometimes forget this dynamic of Mercury, instead thinking first of communication dynamics, language, and duality as classic Mercury signatures. Which are all right on. But Mercury is also associated with omens, signs, and these kinds of messages from beyond the veil.

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Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron

Sparks Fly Between Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy

With his Mars squaring her Pluto, it’s no wonder that there were fireworks of the explosive kind on the set of Mad Max between Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. They reportedly found it difficult to work together, although they blame the harsh filming environment for at least some of the challenges.

Mars-Pluto aspects can be dramatic, intense, and dangerous - the perfect energy to fuel the lead actors in this kind of high-octane action film. Pluto relates to the destructive forces of nature, so it’s no surprise that with such a dramatic aspect triggered between them, nature – in this case the unforgiving desert – showed up as a major presence in the film.

Hardy’s Venus in Leo is square Theron’s Mars in Taurus. A Venus-Mars square in a relationship chart can often signal the kind of sparks that keep things charged in a good way - behind closed doors. And that smoldering tension showed up onscreen too. But the astrological signs here are telling. His attention-seeking Venus probably felt blocked by and frustrated with the stubborn side of her Mars. And ultimately her will probably dominated the show, with her Leo Sun taking center stage to his naturally more humble Virgo Sun. Although I’m sure he had plenty of criticism about her...

Still, there seems to have been a certain amount of respect and admiration between them. At the end of filming, Hardy left Theron a note that read, “You are an absolute nightmare, but you are also fucking awesome. I’ll kind of miss you.” There’s of course a jab there, with the words “kind of,” and yet, their synastry suggests the sentiment is honest, if complicated. There are many positive, close contacts between planets in their relationship chart. His Sun in Virgo trines her Mars and sextiles her Saturn, his Venus trines her Jupiter, his Mars in Cancer sextiles her Venus in Virgo, and her Venus sextiles his Uranus in Scorpio.

Source: Actors Who Could Barely Look At Their Co-Stars by Nicki Swift

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