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Astro All-Starz Podcast

Listen in as Tony joins Vanessa Montgomery on her podcast.

For this inaugural episode of the Astro All-Starz Podcast, and since we’re launching in Virgo season on the full moon in mystic Pisces, Vanessa has a special guest to kick of season one.

Our first interview is with Tony Howard, the lovely can-do 6 planets in Virgo Unicorn behind Astrology University and Fresh Voices in Astrology. If you haven’t discovered him yet this is a must-listen episode.

Vanessa LOVES talking to people with a stellium (3 or more planets in orb of each other, ‘conjunction’) because they are such a rich study of the expression of that one sign. She has one in Sagittarius (5 planets all up) and some of her fav people have one station on their dial.

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